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for you and your family.

“Giving parents the ability to get self-directed care, coupled with clinician expertise, is the best form of care they can ask for these days..”

Dr. Anil Chacko, Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Psychology at NYU

We’re here to help

Your child:

Attention difficulties: Trouble focusing at home or at school

Tantrums, and aggression: Outbursts, biting, kicking, hitting

Behavioral challenges: Defiance, negative behaviors


Parenting strategies: Increase positive behaviors and minimize the negative ones.

Our benefits

Evidence-based programs

Content-based app to guide you through your family's behavioral care journey.

At your own pace

Move through your guided journey anytime, anywhere.

More than an app, with personalized matching to a licensed therapist to support your journey.

Expert supervision

What's included

Learn how to manage your child's behavior 
with Behavioral Parent Training (BPT), the most evidence-based therapy for ADHD and ODD.

Get professional feedback on how you’re doing in real-time.

No need to wait for live sessions to understand how well you’re doing with the new strategies being learned.

Discuss progress and troubleshoot issues with live consultations

Skip the long wait lists for family therapists

We'll pair you with your personal family therapist trained in BPT

Get monthly live video consultations without leaving your house

Feedback via text on the strategies you're implementing in real-time

How to get started

Sign up

Begin app-based

Get matched with a therapist

Ongoing chat, monthly video sessions





Accessible mental health

Learn new strategies

Practice new skills



Wellbeing: A calm parent = calm child

Focus: 57% of kids with ADHD have a parent with ADHD too. We’ll help.

Struggling with a new strategy? Unable to implement a new skill? We’ll help you during personal consultations with your therapist.

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